Monday, May 2, 2011

Introduction of Us

We are a crazy little family. I'll give you our story as it is so far.

Andy and I dated way back in high school, but neither of us remember why it didn't work, but one day we met up again at a mutual friends house, unknowing who the other was. Finally we figured it out and started talking. Which led to dating and falling in love. Ever since that first day we had a cup of coffee we were inseparable. Hanging out every free moment we had, becoming the best friends we never thought another person could be.

Eventually we found out I was pregnant, and jumped in feet first. 9 months flew by and at the same time took forever for our little one to come out and meet us. After 23 hours of intense labor we got to greet our bundle of joy into the world. He was prefect, beautiful,and loved by every one. <Atreyu is now almost 11 months, has 2 teeth and saying mama and Dada. He crawls every where and walks along the furniture. I have never known happiness before being a mother.

Andy is a wonderful father, a great strength for our family, my best friend and loving companion. He works at albertsons, supporting our family. He's in a band called Forever I which is growing in popularity around bakersfield. If you ever have a chance, check them out.
Andy and I like to play disc golf on put off times together, and love listening to music. I'm not currently working now. The company I work witj for the last three years was bought by a new company and I was laid off. We are making our situation work, and I an loving being a stay at home mom, but also want to get out of the house once and a while.

I love that i have gained such a great in law family, they are truly wonderful in their support of us and our needs. Making me feel just as apart of the family as any one.

But any who. This is a blog about our daily lives as a new family trying to live close to God, and being a mom, wife, and our struggles through hard times.

Good night every one!

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