Friday, June 24, 2011

Atreyus first birthday

Atreyu celebrated his first birthday this month. On the 15 th grammie hall and i went to gert his pictures done at sears, and get supplies for his party the following monday.

Our landlady brought him a sundae, which he devoured. He got some presents from me and andy, and grandma hall. Im still teaching him to pull out tissue paper.

On the 20 th we had a big party with most of the family. He was the center of attention, as usual. He got awesome presents, clothes, toys, and a neat swimming pool and a floaty ring!

When cake time came around, i had gotten him his very own. And he tore into it, eating mostly whipped cream though. But it was adorable! Cleaning him up was fun, we just sat him in the sink and sprayed him down.

Im glad we were able to have a party for him, and share that special day with all that have watched him grow up. But im especially happy its over. I can finally relax and not have to worry about everything being done perfect and on time.

I'll post pictures as soon as i get them! Night everyone.

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