Friday, November 30, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Frustration

Every year with Andy, I totally struggle to find good things to put in his stocking. Every year it's always the same thing, I wonder around the store trying to figure out what small, but cool things i can put in his stocking. I'm sure target last year thought i was trying to steal stuff since i walked around that store for over an hour. I think it was especially hard in the beginning of our relationship since we were so poor. This year is different, i don't know if it's since i don't have tiny budget to work with for stockings (since Andy has a great full time job), or if my creative juices are ready this year.

Once Halloween hit, I scoured the internet looking for cool ideas to throw in his stocking. Andy is one of those guys who cant really tell you what he wants, since he isn't very particular. He has his hobbies, but that requires specific knowledge of what he needs, and honestly, there are a million different guitar strings out there. But every site i looked at all said the same thing... tools, home depot gift cards, "husband coupons" (i hate those), and always, little gadgets. Andy isn't really a tinkerer kind of guy, unless it's for his guitars, and that stuff is sooo specialty! But i was determined!

I found out what Andy's dream guitar strings were, ordered those, found a really good pic that he cant drop, plus some really cool things i never would have thought of. At think geek, they had some really good ideas, and really cheap funny things. From gadgets, to funny food and candy, clothes, and star trek stuff, you can find anything in your budget. I found astronaut ice cream for really cheap, found a potato pellet gun, they even had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a can (i didn't get that, gross).

Honestly, Andy is difficult to shop for, but they have a great selection from many categories to meet any one's wildest desires. If you're in a stocking stuffer slump, like i always am, head over to!

Happy stuffer hunting!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Tomorrow is our one year anniversary! I feel so blessed to have Andy in my life, as my husband and the father of my son. He is a good, hard working man, a great provider and has given me so much happiness in my life. I truly have never had a relationship with any one like i do with Andy, we are so open with each other and talk about everything. No little secrets (unless it's a present, even then, we can hardly keep it a secret), no arguments that go unfinished, great open communication, and every day feels like we are still dating. He still asks me on dates, always tells me how much he loves me, periodically brings little surprises home for me, babies me when I'm sick, and constantly makes me laugh. I really think we are perfect for each other. How many couples our age laugh at the fart noises the ketchup bottle makes?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feeling disconnected.

Lately, I've been feeling really disconnected with my family in Bakersfield. I've spoken to my dad a couple of times since moving, mostly on holidays, and my mom twice. Since April. My brother, not at all, little sister, nope (who didn't even show up to say goodbye before we moved.)

I may not fit in with the rest of my family, as i live an alternative lifestyle as they do, but really? I make different life choices as they do, live by what my dad always taught: Make your own choices. They may not be the choices my family would like, but they are mine.

I know I could make more of an effort to call, email, or even text a little more, but even when i do, i don't usually get a response. I really do not want to sound like a whiny drama queen teenage girl, but it really feels like my family doesn't care. It felt like that even when we lived in Bakersfield. I would see my family maybe once a month, holidays, birthdays, or random special occasions, and even then it felt like a last minute "Oh! Maybe we should invite her."

Andy's family, on the other hand, is totally opposite. Calls, texts, care packages, emails, even Facebook interaction all the time. I love our relationship with them! We can't wait for them to visit, and never want them to leave. Laurie has been a great mother in law, the best i could ever expect! Helped me plan my whole wedding, threw my baby shower, lots of girl time pedicures, a wonderful grandma, and great support through all the tough times Andy and i have been through, a Dave there every step of the way (except the pedicures, i don't think he's metro...:D). I really cannot wait for them to move up here, i miss seeing them, hanging out, and watching Atreyu play with his Nana and Papa!

Miss these guys! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little information about why my diet is the way it is.

I have been thinking about this blog for a little while. Last week I wrote on my Facebook about not being able to do a total veggie and fruit diet. Many were confused why, and some even tried to tell me i could after a quick Google gave partial information. 

I have done extensive research on my conditions which prevent me from a total veggie diet. Although it was very difficult to find all the information on one page through the internet, I scoured and searched, asked doctors, dietitians, and any one else I could to give me all the information i needed and wanted. Yeah, I love researching stuff. Google and encyclopedia's are my best friends. 

I felt that this blog might help inform people about what it is to live the life of some one who has to take Coumadin, heparin, lovenox, Warfarin, or other blood thinning agents. So, here is what I, like so many others have to know, learn to moderate, and be wary of in everyday life. This list is what i have compiled together, linked with Factor 5 Leiden and lupus anticoagulant (although there is not much information on lupus anticoagulant yet). I usually want to keep my intake of vitamin k to around 80 mcg to 100 mcg.

First of all, what is Factor 5 Leiden and Lupus Anticoagulant?

Factor V Leiden is a blood clotting disorder. It is not a disease. 
Factor V is a protein that is needed for blood to clot properly. Some people do not 
have the normal Factor V protein. Instead, they have an different form called 
Factor V Leiden. This is caused by a change (mutation) in the gene for this protein. 
The different gene that makes the Factor V Leiden protein is inherited from one or 
both parents. 
The Factor V Leiden protein is harder to “turn off” than the normal Factor V protein. 
This makes blood clots more likely to form, a condition called thrombophilia.

Lupus anticoagulants are antibodies against phospholipids (substances in the lining of cells) that prevent blood clotting in a test tube. Persons with these antibodies may have an abnormally high risk of blood clotting. According to most studies, greater than 50% of the people who have antiphospolipid antibodies, DO NOT have lupus. So, just because a person has the lupus anticoagulant antibodies does not necessarily mean that they have or will develop systemic lupus.

Low in Vitamin K

Now, I can have these in pretty normal amounts. I probably wont want to eat more then 2-3 servings of them in a day.

Green beans
Sauerkraut (canned)
Green peppers
Cucumber (peeled)
Egg plant
Corn oil
Peanut oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil
Sunflower oil
Cheddar cheese
Sour cream
Black tea
Fruit juices (except cranberry)

Medium Vitamin K amounts

These, I will want to eat about 1 serving a day, with maybe a small portion from the Low list.

Red Cabbage
Green Peas
Iceberg lettuce
Olive oil

High in Vitamin K

I usually want to moderate closely. I can probably get away with eating ½  to a full serving with no other vitamin k intake for the day. I do have to keep consistent levels of intake of vitamin k in my system as to not throw my INR (InterNational Ratio) levels off.

Brussels sprouts
Collard greens
Mustard greens
Turnip greens
Swiss chard
Canola oil
Soybean oil
Green tea
Garbanzo beans
Beef liver

Things to avoid:
(but occasionally eat against my better judgment but eat in very small amounts, at most 1/2 a serving size.)

Cranberry products
Tonka beans
Sweet clover
Co-enzyme Q10
Ginkgo biloba
St. Johns wort

*A serving is 1 cup raw, or 1/2 cooked. All portion sizes that I eat are what work within my normal INR range.  Work with your doctor or Coumadin clinic with incorporating these foods into your diet. Each person's diet and INR are unique and do not work for everyone.

Medications to avoid 
(unless directed by your doctor) 

Ask your doctor before taking any medicine for pain, arthritis, fever, or swelling. This includes acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin, celecoxib (Celebrex), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), diclofenac (Cataflam, Voltaren), indomethacin (Indocin), naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), piroxicam (Feldene), and others. 
(Yeah, basically all over the counter pain killers.)


Co-enzyme Q-10, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, St. John's wort, ginseng and garlic, and vitamin E. Many health supplements can cause unintended interactions with Coumadin.

(This list of information is compiled from several sources, but is not intended to be used instead of advise from your individual doctor.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the birthday post

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, and i must say, i dont get as excited about it as i use to when i was younger.

Here are some facts about me being 26:

I have been alive for:
(as of 8:16 am 8/16/2012)

 819936000 seconds

13665600 minutes

227760 hours

9490 days

1352 weeks

I was pregnant for 273 days

been a mom for 793 days

Eaten 28470 meals (on a regular 3 meals a day basis)

been to the bathroom 56940 times

Had 37960 dreams

Laughed 123370 times

Had 219000 sodas

That's a lot of stuff in 26 years!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Loving Our New Place!

We have been in our new place for a week now, and already we are back on our regular night schedule, as Andy works nights, it's difficult to get Atreyu up and keep him quiet enough to let Andy sleep. Usually he comes home about 3 or 3:30 am, after working 10 to 11 hours, so he usually sleeps until noon. Before you all freak out, lol, we are not sleeping more then the regular person, just pushed our schedule back a little bit. Atreyu does well on the schedule as he is a naturally late sleeper. So he goes down about 10-10:30, and I get up around 10 to wake him up and eat. None of us are really morning people lol!

I love our new place. We have been here for 1 week, and even though it's not the nicest place, or in the best part of town, it's ours. Our neighbors have 1 & 2 year old boys, who are both very social-able :), they are cool and seem pretty normal aside from having a million friends. Our landlords are amazing! They are eager to please, and want to do what they can to make the apartment nicer for us, like putting new screens on all the windows, and putting a new fridge in. They love Atreyu, and are going to live next door to us a few days out of the week soon. They even gave us a house warming gift!

I love having privacy again. No one above us, no one below, and for now, no one next to us. Just one other family across the grassy area. We are in a complex of 2 duplex's with only one other family. Our neighbors 2 year old loves to come over to me if I'm outside just to say hi and give me a pat on the shoulder. Our place is much closer to Andy's work, which is great! Just a 5 minute drive home, really good for those especially late nights. My work is 10 minutes closer, and we are a lot closer to our favorite grocery store WINCO! Although there is a great little market that uses only local produce just down the street, but a little pricier for regular shopping, but good for that quick run for a gallon of milk.

One thing i really like about being out here is that we are totally self sufficient. Andy is working a full time job with regular over time hours. Generally he works about 50 hours a week! I work usually 1 or 2 days a week, which is all i really care to work, more is unnecessary, and too hard on Andy and our schedule. When we moved in, we actually were able to buy new furniture! The first time since we have been living together! Totally furnished our living room! Bedrooms are next, and I cant wait! Although i do want to check out thrift stores to see if i can find any cool looking dressers and toy boxes for Atreyu, since that kid has soooo many toys.

Atreyu is doing really well in our apartment. I know it must have been hard on him to move all the way up here from California, but he's been handling it like a champ. A few things got delayed since i don't want to change his little world too much at one time. Potty training might start next month, and changing him over to a toddler bed will probably come after potty training is established, then the Binky will go after all that is done :). But he is learning a lot right now! Getting his ABC's down, he can recite A to M with me no problem, distinguish between red, blue, black, green, orange, and yellow, and can count to 10 by himself and count down from 5 by himself. He is learning to ask for food and drink when he wants it, instead of just waiting until i offer. And he absolutely loves to help me around the house, especially sweeping and putting clothes in the dryer.
At Smokey's Pizza and Atreyu being adorable as usual

Andy loves his job. Which is a big deal, since his last job in California was horrible. He is the best closer they have, and every one loves his food! His job is hard, and demanding, but he loves what he does, his bosses like him (also a big difference!) and all his co workers like him. (And apparently many girls think he's the best looking guy there. I knew that already lol. But i think i might have be a bit more possessive of him while I'm there and let them know what's up ;D)

At the Brickhouse!
Being here for me is a bit of a change. Before we left, i was working 5-6 days a week, since Andy quit his job because his boss was a horrible, evil, nasty, woman. So i was use to being out of the house more often. Now, I'm home more then not. It's a big change for me. A little hard, since Atreyu is a little defiant, i think it's the terrible 2's.... I might try and join a book club, both for the social aspect, and to get back into reading. I don't want to find one that's all into the major liberal nutcase stuff, which is popular out here lol.

On the way to Astoria
Anyways... I think I've babbled long enough! Hopefully I can remember to update more often on this thing!

Night everyone!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Found an amazing blog I want to share.

Found this blog today and cant stop reading! It's refreshing to see a blog from a husband for husbands. Usually you find things from wives for wives, and it's always the same old thing. I read a lot of these posts and got a great insight on what this christian man thinks and feels is important to wives. Even if you don't think your husband needs to read this, I encourage you to read some and get a different perspective.  I like his ideas for dates, but also has great insight on great stuff like the toilet seat, communication, sex, intimacy (yes, they are two different things), and daily living. Date Ideas

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new time for me!

I'm going through a trying time right now.

Today is my 3rd day of not smoking. Yup! I'm quitting, and actually doing quite well. The cravings are hard, but the routine of smoking is the hardest part to break. You know, the after dinner smoke, or the smoke with your morning coffee, well, some of you might not understand, but it's that habit that is hard.

It is especially difficult with Atreyu right now. He is not making anything easier for me lol. Usually if i needed a 5 minute brake from his misbehavior, i would go outside and smoke, and unwind. But not any more, now i have to learn a new technique of dealing with frustration and stress. I do not want to replace cigarettes with food or drink, but just learn to deal with out cigarettes.

I am proud of myself though. I am going with out using patches, gum, lozenges or pills. I did use a Electronic cigarette for the first day, to cut the edge of the craving, but haven't used it since. Hopefully i can keep this up!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

After our first week in a new state!

We have realized there are sooooo many awesome things about living in Washington, and being so close to Portland. Here is the list.

1- Food is cheaper here.

2- Organic and healthy dont cost more

3- Beer is cheap

4- Every one is out and about when the weather is good.

5- Vancouver is a sleepier town, so if you want to party, drive 15 minutes to Portland where night life booms!

6- If you dont want to live in busy Portland, go to Vancouver

7- The towns are beautiful, scenic drives throughout town, amazing architeture, and a bonus sea side view from the columbia river

8- No sales tax in Vancouver

9- There is sooooo much more to do around town then in Bakersfield

10- Amberly and John are awesome to live with. Very chill, down to earth, but get to work. I like that, plus they are influencing us to eat better, and motivate and help us achieve our dream.

So, after our first week here, we absolutely love it, and never want to leave. Every one kept warning us about the rain. Here's what i have to say about that. It drizzles. Lightly. That's it lol, its really not that bad, most of the time, you can go outside for a while and barely get wet. Nothing horribly bad. It is also colder here, which we love. I guess is is supposed to get to 82 degrees tomorrow, and thats hot for Washingtonians. (washington-ites? Washington-ese? whatever). If 82 is what we are looking at for summer, i'll pee my pants happily. That is such a big difference to the 115 degrees bakersfield gets.

The air is better here, we dont have to check the paper or online to see if it is safe to take Atreyu outside. We dont have to worry about Valley Fever. Which you can only get in the San Joaquin valley.

We are excited to get to learn this city and experience new things here, and just have a total new start and a new life style up here.

I think this place is going to be really good for us.

Friday, April 6, 2012


 I don't know if some of you know, but I'm gonna give a little bit of a back story on my situation.

A month after I gave birth to Atreyu, I suffered from a massive blood clot. At first, no one could tell me one thing as to what caused it. It could have been from the horrible swelling in my legs during pregnancy, or the extended rest I needed from the swelling, or the clotting factor that they gave me after child birth to stop the bleeding. They didn't know, but they did say that I needed 2 surgeries. 1 to place an inferior vena cava filter, to protect my heart from any clot that might break up, and 2 to remove the top and most dangerous part of the clot. I was immediately started on a heparin drip, lovenox shots into my stomach, and warfarin pills.

The surgeries went without a hitch, and I was on my way to recovery. Sorta. My leg is not the same. There was scarring in the vein affected, causing a improper blood flow. I get swelling in my leg, and discoloration around my ankle from blood pooling. My leg tires out faster then the other, from lack of oxygenated blood circulating to my muscles, and I have varicose veins on my calf from blood being redirected naturally to veins unsuited for that much flow.

Now, that was almost 2 years ago. I have been on blood thinners ever since. The side effects from them are not great. I suffer from chronic fatigue, which within 30 minutes of taking them, I'm out like a light. My hair is thinning, and i have to be very stringent with the other medications that i can take. Almost anything over the counter interacts with the warfarin. Naturally, I wanted to get of them, so i sought help from a hematologist. First he told me that i have a blood mutation called Factor 5 Leiden. A hereditary mutation that affects my liver and platelets, by screwing up how much natural blood thinner is secreted by my liver, and affects the behavior of my platelets, making them to clot more unnecessarily.

The Dr I had was very understanding of my desire, but wanted to be very thorough before taking me off the thinners. So, he ordered some blood tests. One was a genetic test to see which hereditary genes are mutated and which aren't. Depending if one parent, as apposed to two, gave me the mutation, I could have the choice of getting off the medication. And a few other tests to see how my platelets and plasma reacted to non mutated plasma and other factors.

The results came back, and changed my life forever.

Turns out that i do only have 1 hereditary mutated gene (which is good) but also have a blood clotting disease called Lupus Anticoagulant. Which is not regular Lupus. Lupus Anticoagulant means that my platelets like to adhere together and aggregate. So I'm stuck with a double whammy. Not one blood disorder, but two. My Dr said that i really need to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.

Now, this just doesn't affect me by needing to take a pill every night. It means that i have to get regular blood tests, around every 3-4 weeks, adjust my dosage if necessary, wear a medical id bracelet or necklace, making sure that if anything happened, medical personal do not give me clotting factors or vitamin k. Also, this will make it difficult for me to get medical insurance and life insurance.

Sadly enough, as I could have died when i had my first clot, I was forced to think about my own mortality. This is where things get real. As I get older, my health will deteriorate, as most older peoples do, my medical condition will probably get complicated, and I hate to admit this, this condition might be the way I go. Blood thinners aren't a 100% safety net. They only go so far. They just reduce my chance of a clot.  But, that's enough of death talk.

I am sad about this. Not only was i not able to get off my blood thinners, but learned that i have another blood disease, and have to stay on them for the rest of my life. But at the same time, i already dealt with the knowledge of having Factor 5, and came to terms with it. I'm angry, concerned, and at the same time, I'm OK with it. This doesn't really change anything now. It just doesn't change anything later. I'm going to take my pills tonight, and I'm going to take my pills 10 years from tonight.

So..... yeah.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

No more work!

Yesterday was my last day at work until we move! I am transferring my job to Vancouver, but won't work again until around the 21st.

I must say that Zach, my boss, was THE best manager I have worked for. He was accommodating, understood I have a kid, one car, and needed work. He kept his word when I asked for more hours, and really changed our team around. But he was also fair, and followed the rules.

I can only hope my new boss in washington will be likeZach.

any who, now it's crunch time to get packing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Excitement and Anxiety!

Things have been crazy, to say in the least, the last few days. I have been working a crazy amount, Andy has been staying home with Atreyu, taking care of the house, and cooking. While on our down time, during naps and off work, we have been trying to pack a little bit each day. Plus re-painting what needed to be painted, get furniture sold, moved out or sorted through the keep and throw pile, and get all the details of moving so far set out and planned.

This is probably the biggest  undertaking i have ever done. Besides the wedding, but that's different. Yeah it was life changing to get married, but we are moving away from friends and family, starting new in a place where the only people we know is my sister and her husband. That's big to me. The furthest i have ever lived from my parents was 27 miles.

Maybe I'm sitting here, worried about the what ifs and the unknowns. But like my parents always said "what if your nose explodes and boogers go every where?" Of course, that always made me a little paranoid that that might happen, but it taught me that you cant always plan for the what ifs. A major problem of mine. Not having a plan for everything. I'm a planner, i plan and plan, probably too much, but i like to have a game plan. know whats going to happen, know what to expect, and have a solution and an answer to give.

I'm not regretting our decision to move, I'm more anxious about it. I'm curious as to how its going to go, if we are going to be successful, how Atreyu will handle it, and what the new town is going to be like, Just a lot of things that I dont know, wont know until we get to it, but i still want to know!

We are so excited to be going. I know you all are tired of hearing about us leaving. but i cant help it, i gotta let all my crazy out somewhere, and I'm sure Andy doesn't want me gabbing his ear off, if that could really happen, but that's another what if situation.

Sooooo, we have less then three weeks to go!!!!

Atreyu right now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

We are making it official!


Just kidding! (ahahahahahaha!)

As mentioned in a previous blog, we are moving to Vancouver Washington! But, new developments have been made since that blog! We are moving to Washington to start our own business. And my brother in law, John has really helped us make that a reality.

Our end goal is to start a restaurant in Washington, but to start out, you gotta go small. We got a food truck! We have a solid food concept, many years of experience in short order cooking, but this is a whole new area for us. Small business owners!!!! We have the will to succeed, and since we are starting from the bottom, it will take us a while to build up to owning an actual building to start the restaurant. We estimate at least 5 years before we can even start looking at opening up a place.

But, with the food truck, we can start immediately, play with our food, find things that work and things that don't, get feed back from customers, and refine our recipes. This is a very exciting time for us, as well as sad.

Almost all of our immediate family is here in Bakersfield, as well as many friends. We are sad to leave them behind, but think that this move is necessary for us to reach our dreams and better our family. We are not going to stagnate any where else! We refuse to just meander through life, to become compliant with mediocrity.  We want to one day be famous.

So, now, we are just in the process of getting out of the house we are in right now. I have finished painting our bathroom, and soon we will start painting Atreyu's room, although I think my paint job on it looks professional, our landlords want to a more neutral color. After that, it's just putting things in boxes and then cleaning. our last day in Bakersfield is April 12, but it will take about 2 days to get to Washington, since moving with a toddler is not easy, we will be stopping halfway through our drive to stay the night. Hopefully Atreyu sleeps better this time around in our hotel room. (Last time, i spent almost all night walking up and down the hallways trying to rock him to sleep.)

Any who.... We cannot wait to go to Washington and live with Amberly, john, and Daphne. I think we are going to have a lot of fun pranking them :D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Topher Daniels

This is my cousin in law's project, once the less singer of melee, now starting a project to bring something new to christian music. I think he's on to something. Check the song out, and maybe pitch in to help him get it out to the world.

TOPHER DANIELS creates his debut album, Empty Graves! by Topher Daniels » A Song about the devil. — Kickstarter

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I just realized I need photos on here!

I haven't really posted many pictures to my blog yet, so I'm gonna do a little photo happy post here.

Andy and me on my birthday last year

A photo session with my sister in law (Brooke Olsen)

Atreyu going to town on his cake for his 1st birthday! ( we gave him his own)

He mostly ate the whipped cream off the top , but HAD to get his feet into it.

Both of these taken by Robert Bejil Photography

Andy playing at Rockin' Roots, a very big concert in Bakersfield.

Atreyu cuddling with me on the couch.

Dancing with my dad at our wedding

My bridesmaids getting frisky (Left to right: Allie, Suzanne, me, Amberly)

The groomsmen looking' sharp! (Left to right: Ben, John, Andy, and Ryan.)

Andy and I with his family

Atreyu around 8 months (These last 4 are taken by Lemaire Photography)

Probably my favorite picture ever.

So, here you have it. All these were taken in 2011, I think we had a pretty fun year! I cant wait to see what all this one brings!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid Spam

OK, I have had a pretty interesting day so far.

Around 4 today my phone started going crazy. I was getting so many spam e-mails that for half a hour, i couldn't do anything on my phone at all. So I had to turn it off, wait for the emails to stop long enough to turn the notification off and make a whole new e-mail.

Sooooo frustrating!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Felt this story was worth sharing.

Brick Walls |

Makes you think a bit more into the health care system. Who really gives them the power to decide who gets what to be able to live?

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little overwhelmed

Been going through the details of actually moving out of state. There is truly a lot that you have to do!

It's a bit overwhelming, to say in the least. Need to make sure nothing is forgotten.

First off, u-haul, is insanely expensive. Then all the change of address' we have to file with various people, companies, and the post, packing, planning, and actually leaving Bakersfield.

I feel a little nervous about leaving. My parents are here, my brother and his family, Brittany and her husband, Andy's family are here too. I'll miss the texts from Andy's mom, asking if she can just take the boy for the sake of missing him, the shopping trips with both moms, pedicures with Laurie and Allie, holidays, and the friends we are leaving behind.

But I am excited about the new beginnings we get to have in a new state, a new city. We really believe that this move can help our family progress from where we are. We are struggling right now. Very little hours at work, horrible bosses, no work to be found, living on a not so nice part of town because it's all we can afford, and of course, struggling with the choices California's government is making.

We do not believe that staying in California will do us any good. We pray that things will be different in Washington. Hopefully we can get our plans for a restaurant in progress, that Andy can find work that is better suited for him, the same for me. I sooooo want to get out of the food service business. Yeah, that sounds dumb, cause we want to start a restaurant, but that's different. We get to be in charge, create in the kitchen, do things the way we want to do them.

I'm grateful that my sister, Amberly, and her husband are willing to help us with this move. Letting us stay in their house until we can find a place of our own, which we really don't want to rent an apartment or house, get all the paper work signed, until we see the part of town we are going to live in. I'm glad that we will know some one there, although she's the reason why we picked Vancouver. I'm also grateful that Amberly and I have the relationship we have now. We use to be at odds, for a long time. But things are better, and i feel that i actually have more in common with her then any one else in my family.

We are getting really antsy for the move. Part of us want to go as soon as possible. But at the same time, we want our family to have as much time as they need to get use to the idea of us not being here, especially their grandson.

I'm confident that this is the best thing for us. I'm sad that our family will be sad that we are leaving, but we have to go where we feel is best for us.

At least there's always Skype!

Easy way to save a couple bucks each month.

The Fastest Way to Cut Your Expenses |

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

This made me want to go straight out and get pictures taken.

A letter on my door step. portraits are more than paper. | Fototails Photography

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A truly remarkable woman, and her tragic story.

Art, Meet Commerce - Blog - Lessons of Lily, Sarah and Grace

This has really opened my eyes about how previous our time together really is. To cherish and treasure every moment I have with loved ones.

I pray that I will never be in her position, but I also pray, that if I am, God can give me this womans strength and conviction.

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