Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid Spam

OK, I have had a pretty interesting day so far.

Around 4 today my phone started going crazy. I was getting so many spam e-mails that for half a hour, i couldn't do anything on my phone at all. So I had to turn it off, wait for the emails to stop long enough to turn the notification off and make a whole new e-mail.

Sooooo frustrating!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Felt this story was worth sharing.

Brick Walls |

Makes you think a bit more into the health care system. Who really gives them the power to decide who gets what to be able to live?

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little overwhelmed

Been going through the details of actually moving out of state. There is truly a lot that you have to do!

It's a bit overwhelming, to say in the least. Need to make sure nothing is forgotten.

First off, u-haul, is insanely expensive. Then all the change of address' we have to file with various people, companies, and the post, packing, planning, and actually leaving Bakersfield.

I feel a little nervous about leaving. My parents are here, my brother and his family, Brittany and her husband, Andy's family are here too. I'll miss the texts from Andy's mom, asking if she can just take the boy for the sake of missing him, the shopping trips with both moms, pedicures with Laurie and Allie, holidays, and the friends we are leaving behind.

But I am excited about the new beginnings we get to have in a new state, a new city. We really believe that this move can help our family progress from where we are. We are struggling right now. Very little hours at work, horrible bosses, no work to be found, living on a not so nice part of town because it's all we can afford, and of course, struggling with the choices California's government is making.

We do not believe that staying in California will do us any good. We pray that things will be different in Washington. Hopefully we can get our plans for a restaurant in progress, that Andy can find work that is better suited for him, the same for me. I sooooo want to get out of the food service business. Yeah, that sounds dumb, cause we want to start a restaurant, but that's different. We get to be in charge, create in the kitchen, do things the way we want to do them.

I'm grateful that my sister, Amberly, and her husband are willing to help us with this move. Letting us stay in their house until we can find a place of our own, which we really don't want to rent an apartment or house, get all the paper work signed, until we see the part of town we are going to live in. I'm glad that we will know some one there, although she's the reason why we picked Vancouver. I'm also grateful that Amberly and I have the relationship we have now. We use to be at odds, for a long time. But things are better, and i feel that i actually have more in common with her then any one else in my family.

We are getting really antsy for the move. Part of us want to go as soon as possible. But at the same time, we want our family to have as much time as they need to get use to the idea of us not being here, especially their grandson.

I'm confident that this is the best thing for us. I'm sad that our family will be sad that we are leaving, but we have to go where we feel is best for us.

At least there's always Skype!

Easy way to save a couple bucks each month.

The Fastest Way to Cut Your Expenses |

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

This made me want to go straight out and get pictures taken.

A letter on my door step. portraits are more than paper. | Fototails Photography

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A truly remarkable woman, and her tragic story.

Art, Meet Commerce - Blog - Lessons of Lily, Sarah and Grace

This has really opened my eyes about how previous our time together really is. To cherish and treasure every moment I have with loved ones.

I pray that I will never be in her position, but I also pray, that if I am, God can give me this womans strength and conviction.

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