Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I just realized I need photos on here!

I haven't really posted many pictures to my blog yet, so I'm gonna do a little photo happy post here.

Andy and me on my birthday last year

A photo session with my sister in law (Brooke Olsen)

Atreyu going to town on his cake for his 1st birthday! ( we gave him his own)

He mostly ate the whipped cream off the top , but HAD to get his feet into it.

Both of these taken by Robert Bejil Photography

Andy playing at Rockin' Roots, a very big concert in Bakersfield.

Atreyu cuddling with me on the couch.

Dancing with my dad at our wedding

My bridesmaids getting frisky (Left to right: Allie, Suzanne, me, Amberly)

The groomsmen looking' sharp! (Left to right: Ben, John, Andy, and Ryan.)

Andy and I with his family

Atreyu around 8 months (These last 4 are taken by Lemaire Photography)

Probably my favorite picture ever.

So, here you have it. All these were taken in 2011, I think we had a pretty fun year! I cant wait to see what all this one brings!

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