Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving Excitement and Anxiety!

Things have been crazy, to say in the least, the last few days. I have been working a crazy amount, Andy has been staying home with Atreyu, taking care of the house, and cooking. While on our down time, during naps and off work, we have been trying to pack a little bit each day. Plus re-painting what needed to be painted, get furniture sold, moved out or sorted through the keep and throw pile, and get all the details of moving so far set out and planned.

This is probably the biggest  undertaking i have ever done. Besides the wedding, but that's different. Yeah it was life changing to get married, but we are moving away from friends and family, starting new in a place where the only people we know is my sister and her husband. That's big to me. The furthest i have ever lived from my parents was 27 miles.

Maybe I'm sitting here, worried about the what ifs and the unknowns. But like my parents always said "what if your nose explodes and boogers go every where?" Of course, that always made me a little paranoid that that might happen, but it taught me that you cant always plan for the what ifs. A major problem of mine. Not having a plan for everything. I'm a planner, i plan and plan, probably too much, but i like to have a game plan. know whats going to happen, know what to expect, and have a solution and an answer to give.

I'm not regretting our decision to move, I'm more anxious about it. I'm curious as to how its going to go, if we are going to be successful, how Atreyu will handle it, and what the new town is going to be like, Just a lot of things that I dont know, wont know until we get to it, but i still want to know!

We are so excited to be going. I know you all are tired of hearing about us leaving. but i cant help it, i gotta let all my crazy out somewhere, and I'm sure Andy doesn't want me gabbing his ear off, if that could really happen, but that's another what if situation.

Sooooo, we have less then three weeks to go!!!!

Atreyu right now.

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