Saturday, October 13, 2012


Tomorrow is our one year anniversary! I feel so blessed to have Andy in my life, as my husband and the father of my son. He is a good, hard working man, a great provider and has given me so much happiness in my life. I truly have never had a relationship with any one like i do with Andy, we are so open with each other and talk about everything. No little secrets (unless it's a present, even then, we can hardly keep it a secret), no arguments that go unfinished, great open communication, and every day feels like we are still dating. He still asks me on dates, always tells me how much he loves me, periodically brings little surprises home for me, babies me when I'm sick, and constantly makes me laugh. I really think we are perfect for each other. How many couples our age laugh at the fart noises the ketchup bottle makes?

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