Friday, November 30, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Frustration

Every year with Andy, I totally struggle to find good things to put in his stocking. Every year it's always the same thing, I wonder around the store trying to figure out what small, but cool things i can put in his stocking. I'm sure target last year thought i was trying to steal stuff since i walked around that store for over an hour. I think it was especially hard in the beginning of our relationship since we were so poor. This year is different, i don't know if it's since i don't have tiny budget to work with for stockings (since Andy has a great full time job), or if my creative juices are ready this year.

Once Halloween hit, I scoured the internet looking for cool ideas to throw in his stocking. Andy is one of those guys who cant really tell you what he wants, since he isn't very particular. He has his hobbies, but that requires specific knowledge of what he needs, and honestly, there are a million different guitar strings out there. But every site i looked at all said the same thing... tools, home depot gift cards, "husband coupons" (i hate those), and always, little gadgets. Andy isn't really a tinkerer kind of guy, unless it's for his guitars, and that stuff is sooo specialty! But i was determined!

I found out what Andy's dream guitar strings were, ordered those, found a really good pic that he cant drop, plus some really cool things i never would have thought of. At think geek, they had some really good ideas, and really cheap funny things. From gadgets, to funny food and candy, clothes, and star trek stuff, you can find anything in your budget. I found astronaut ice cream for really cheap, found a potato pellet gun, they even had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a can (i didn't get that, gross).

Honestly, Andy is difficult to shop for, but they have a great selection from many categories to meet any one's wildest desires. If you're in a stocking stuffer slump, like i always am, head over to!

Happy stuffer hunting!

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