Saturday, January 5, 2013

Toddler surgery and a terrified mom.

I love Google. I Google everything. I think I've mentioned that before. When Atreyu's urologist told me that he needed to be circumcised, I was relieved, then worried. With some complications when Atreyu was a baby, we couldn't get him circumcised, and I was OK with that. Not my preferred choice, but I could live. But it quickly became apparent he was going to need it sooner or later. Many infections, redness, swelling, and pain for my little boy drove me crazy. I finally had enough and spoke to his pediatrician about getting it done. I was really surprised he refused to do it. All he wanted me to do was put a special cream on it, and stretch the skin. Neither worked, and stretching was soooo painful for Atreyu, I couldn't keep doing it to him. And after much research, learned stretching is not good for babies.

Once we moved to Washington and got our insurance and doctor in order, I told her about Atreyu's history. Immediately she suggested he see a urologist specialist, which I was happy for. Maybe this Dr could help Atreyu without needing surgery! Our appointment was Christmas eve, and the first thing after we arrived, the receptionist asked Atreyu to pick out a toy. His eyes lit up and headed straight for the big boxes of toys and immediately to the "Cars" truck. Armed with his new toy, we headed to the 7th floor. As soon as we hit Urology, the receptionist again, asked Atreyu to pick out a toy. This time it was a monster truck. My kid looooves any sort of vehicle. I will say this, that made Atreyu OK with being at the doctors office, and that made it way easier for me.

His doctor came in, heard my story, checked Atreyu out and immediately suggested surgery would  be the only sure fire way to correct the problem. I was relieved some one had listened to me, understood a child should not be in pain every time they pee, and had a solution. I got home and Googled  First, how to prepare a 2 year old for surgery. I got the general idea, but then I Googled  how to prepare mom for toddler surgery. Surprisingly, there is so very little on the subject. I'm terrified! What if something goes wrong? What if they cut too much, not enough, anesthesia reaction, got an infection, bleeds too much.... Endless possible problems rise in my mind. (I have OCD tendencies, and my biggest problem is to think of worst case scenarios and dwell on it, triggering, most times, an anxiety attack. Thank goodness Andy is amazing at helping me through that.)  I spoke with the hospital today about my concerns and worries and they did everything they could to arm me with the knowledge i needed to not stress. I hate not knowing everything I can about something. The more I know, the better I feel. I have made some special requests, hopefully they can fulfill them. I specifically requested that we stay with him until the last possible moment, so he wont freak, that he have a child anesthesiologist, and we are in his room before he wakes up, so he wont freak then either. I have never been afraid to ask for what i want concerning medical stuff. If you ever get the chance, ask Andy about my labor. Polite, but I knew what I wanted and let everyone know lol.

So this coming Thursday is Atreyu's procedure. It's outpatient, so he will be home soon after. I wont know what time it's going to be until the day before. Super duper nervous, but I trust his doctor and his capabilities.

Pray for Atreyu's surgery and recovery on Thursday!

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